about konzerte audio/video fotos termine kontakt z.b.: ...
z.b.: ... hat sich die Bilder der ZoneM, einem Gebiet in Russland mit vielen Ufo-Sichtungen, angesehen.
have a look and you will see!
Daraus schöpfte z.b.: ... den Mut, Fotos von eigenen transzendentalen Erfahrungen zu veröffentlichen.
"nearly everyone who visited this place experienced something unknown, enigmatic, some presence of miracle forces. nearly everyone felt there a unique comfort of soul. after first trip to m-zone people come back again.
the place is highly energetic, also the "creative effect" of m-zone is quite noticeable: the abilities of people are sharpening there and sometimes new talents and capacities, unknown before, begin to realize themselves.
extra-sensual people come here to refill their energetic resources...."
(bilder & zitat von www.ufo.ural.ru/paz.htm)